equipter rb4000 service kit

Equipter RB4000 6 Month Service Kit

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Get all supplies and instructions needed to perform the recommended 6-month service to any Equipter RB4000s manufactured September 2020 and earlier. 

Service Kit Contents

  • (1) Equipter 4000 Service Manual
  • (1) 14 oz tube of Moly grease
  • (1 quart) 10-W30 Schaeffer engine oil
  • (1) Funnel for engine oil
  • (1) Zinga hydraulic oil filter
  • (1) 13 hp Honda air filter
  • (1) Autolite spark plug
  • (1) 12 mm wrench for drain plug


NOTE: An original copy of the Equipter RB4000 Service Manual can be found in the operator's manual canister attached to the engine cage of your unit or in the Equipter Marketing Asset Library. Contact your Equipter Sales Rep for more information on the Library.